Bølle Girl Solo Exhibition “Apparition of a Goddess”

An immersive, sacred installation and exhibition at Picaresque Gallery by Helena Svendsen, artist of Bølle Girl, shining a light on the ancient memory of the divine feminine, tracing back to the Venus of Willendorf, a Goddess and an early archetype of the mother, celebrating our origin and our first home.

Exhibition Period
2023/3/1 Wednesday 11am to 3/12 Sunday 6pm

Gallery Opening Hour
Weekday Wednesday to Friday 11am to 4pm
Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays 1pm to 6pm

Picaresque Art Gallery
Address 4-54-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo
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Artist Information

Bio: Helena is a Norwegian who was born into a nomadic life which started in Spain and has taken her to eight countries and 11 cities. In the UK, she did her art foundation at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and her BA at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, both institutes now known as University for the Creative Arts. Helena has worked in Albania for the photography department at UNICEF, worked in several galleries in London including Proud Galleries and Somerset House, been a production coordinator at Pinewood Studios and is a trained silversmith. She has also always kept up her own personal art practice of drawing, painting and metalwork. She is currently residing in Tokyo, Japan with her husband and child.

Artist Statement:
You are the viewer and the witness, standing with either wall on to your right and to your left representing my previous work, inspired by the initiation of motherhood, the transformation into a new self, a new mythology created with intention to become who I want to be and retain all the parts of myself I have loved forever.
On the middle wall is the “Apparition Of A Goddess” series, another initiation, a breakdown of a vital relationship in a strange land, a great loss of identity and a new restructuring. Strengthened by motherhood, through the mist, the chaos, I started remembering again, more strongly than before, craving the path towards the apparition of the Goddess, reminding me of my life force and therefore the future.

An Apparition – “remarkable appearance of someone or something”.

Artist URL|linktr.ee/bollegirl