Loiseau Luneエッセイ Vol.7「Message from the Nature 自然からのメッセージ」

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2019年9月、ピカレスクでベルギー出身のアーティスト、ルワゾー・ルン(Loiseau Lune)の日本初個展を開催します(個展詳細は

September 2019, Picaresque will host the first Japan exhibition of Loiseau Lune, a Belgium born artist.(Click here for details)This exhibition will display 35 drawings from 2018 to 2019. Leading up to the exhibition, we will introduce the works of Loiseau Lune in the upcoming articles. Here is the first.


<English follows Japanese>


Anybody can become free and fly like a bird. I did not know this before, but now I know. Let’s go to the forest together. The nature wants to reconnect with you. Wherever you are in your journey, you are real and you exist on this earth. For now, sleep and rest well. The nature will protect you to regain your true self.

1:I didn’t think you could fly, too

“Anybody can fly. I didn’t know before, but now I know.”

作品詳細 / I didn’t think you could fly, too


2:Come with me

“Let’s go to the forest together. I want to reconnect with you in the forest.”

作品詳細 / Come with me

3:Where are you?

”Where are you in your journey?”

作品詳細 / Where are you?

4:You are real

“You exist. You are real.”

作品詳細 / You are real


“Sleep and rest. I will protect you to regain yourself.”

作品詳細 / Regain


作家プロフィール https://picaresquejpn.com/artist/loiseau-lune/
作品一覧 https://picaresquejpn.com/work/?artist_id=7962
個展詳細 https://picaresquejpn.com/loiseau-lune-solo-exhibition-nature-wants-to-speak-2019/