Loiseau Luneエッセイ Vol.5「Discovering new home 新たなホームの発見」

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2019年9月、ピカレスクでベルギー出身のアーティスト、ルワゾー・ルン(Loiseau Lune)の日本初個展を開催します(個展詳細は

September 2019, Picaresque will host the first Japan exhibition of Loiseau Lune, a Belgium born artist.(Click here for details)This exhibition will display 35 drawings from 2018 to 2019. Leading up to the exhibition, we will introduce the works of Loiseau Lune in the upcoming articles. Here is the first.


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Arriving in Japan for the first time for a visit and discovering each other and the new environment. Japan immediately felt like home to me and I felt comfortable. Life prepared me for this chapter of my life. I decided to move to Japan.

1:Sun rise

”New year day in Japan. We see the sun rise together. We rise together toward the sun this year.”

作品詳細 / Sun rise


2:Shooting Star

”I found a new home. I am coming home like a shooting star.”

作品詳細 / Shooting Star

3:Here I am

“I arrived in Japan. I feel like a giant person. Everything is small. I felt like the guardian of the town in the night.”

作品詳細 / Here I am

4:In my circle

”It’s time for her to discover me. I have many emotions and different sides of me.”

作品詳細 / In my circle


作家プロフィール https://picaresquejpn.com/artist/loiseau-lune/
作品一覧 https://picaresquejpn.com/work/?artist_id=7962
個展詳細 https://picaresquejpn.com/loiseau-lune-solo-exhibition-nature-wants-to-speak-2019/