Loiseau Luneエッセイ Vol.6「Disconnection from the past 過去からの切断」

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2019年9月、ピカレスクでベルギー出身のアーティスト、ルワゾー・ルン(Loiseau Lune)の日本初個展を開催します(個展詳細は

September 2019, Picaresque will host the first Japan exhibition of Loiseau Lune, a Belgium born artist.(Click here for details)This exhibition will display 35 drawings from 2018 to 2019. Leading up to the exhibition, we will introduce the works of Loiseau Lune in the upcoming articles. Here is the first.


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I am strong in Yin. She is strong in Yang. We learn about each other. When she understood the darkness, I start to fall in to the light and I started to disconnect from my past. For the first time in my life, I start to have the sensation that I am in a safe, happy and peaceful place nobody can touch me. She heals me and guides me to see the stars.

1:Try join me

“This is the beginning of my disconnection with my past environment. I feel relaxed, happy and peace to be far away from everything. My first time sensation that nobody can touch me. I am in a safe happy place.”


作品詳細 / Try join me


2:You guide me to watch the white star

“Deeply in the dark, I try to see the stars. She heals me on my back and guides me to see the stars. I carry a lot of my past.”


作品詳細 / You guide me to watch the white star

3:Fall in the light

“She understands the darkness completely. We understand each other. I start to fall little by little to the light.”


作品詳細 / Fall in the light

4:When you grow I grow

“She is the light and I am the dark. We learn about each other.”


作品詳細 / When you grow I grow


作家プロフィール https://picaresquejpn.com/artist/loiseau-lune/
作品一覧 https://picaresquejpn.com/work/?artist_id=7962
個展詳細 https://picaresquejpn.com/loiseau-lune-solo-exhibition-nature-wants-to-speak-2019/