Loiseau Luneエッセイ Vol.3「About me and nights 私と夜」

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2019年9月、ピカレスクでベルギー出身のアーティスト、ルワゾー・ルン(Loiseau Lune)の日本初個展を開催します(個展詳細は

September 2019, Picaresque will host the first Japan exhibition of Loiseau Lune, a Belgium born artist.(Click here for details)This exhibition will display 35 drawings from 2018 to 2019. Leading up to the exhibition, we will introduce the works of Loiseau Lune in the upcoming articles. Here is the first.


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I was always unique and different from everybody in my family, in schools and in communities. My life and my uniqueness has given me a lot of difficulties early in my life…too much sometimes. For this, the night was more comfortable for me. I often felt lonely. The moon and stars were healing my tired soul. Lights of lanterns helped me to walk the nights.

1:Hang on well

”I hang on to the moon tightly.The moon is healing my tired soul.”

作品詳細 / Hang on well


2:Lying on the ground my head does not think any more

”someday I feel bad…I lay on the ground and stop thinking.But, I feel I grow.”

作品詳細 / Lying on the ground my head does not think any more

3:Another night with you

”I often felt very deeply alone and lonely.I am only with the moon outside my window”

作品詳細 / Another night with you


”I search for more light, but I am also afraid of too much light. I need my protection when I go out”

作品詳細 / Hide-hide


5:The heart of an owl

”My heart is connected with the night. It searches for more light for growth.”

作品詳細 / The heart of an owl


作家プロフィール https://picaresquejpn.com/artist/loiseau-lune/
作品一覧 https://picaresquejpn.com/work/?artist_id=7962
個展詳細 https://picaresquejpn.com/loiseau-lune-solo-exhibition-nature-wants-to-speak-2019/